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55,000 Mangrove trees planted

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Infinite-Earth and Rimba Raya partnered with other stakeholders around the concession area to procure, grow, plant and monitor 55,000 new mangrove saplings in December 2020 and January 2021

In collaboration with local communities, Tanjung Puting National Park and Seruyan District, Rimba Raya has planted 55,000 mangrove trees in 2 villages of Sungai Undang and Sungai Bakau, in Seruyan District, Central Kalimantan

The importance of mangroves cannot be overstated.

They provide several important benefits; they store carbon, reduce flooding and land erosion caused by waves and storms. They are a perfect habitat for fish to develop their nurseries and they act as pollution filters, stopping debris and other pollutants from reaching the beaches.

Scientific studies have shown that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests”

Peat swamp and mangrove forests sequester more carbon than any other type of forest

Partnerships in our mangrove initiative are vital to its success.

Mangrove seedlings are planted in the eroded areas just outside of the project zone. We are trying to revitalize these areas, with a goal of improving water quality and ocean biodiversity while reducing damage to the shoreline.

It has been said that the level of abrasion in the coastal area of Borneo is concerning. By planting mangroves, it is expected to reduce the rate of abrasion in the area and it’s hoped that it will significantly improve ocean biodiversity in an area where community members rely on fishing as a main source of income.

A meeting was held on the 16 &17 October 2020 in Kuala Pembuang, with participants from Rimba Raya and Tanjung Puting National Park (TPNP). The planting schedule and operating procedure relating to the planting of about 30,000 new mangrove tree saplings were discussed. It was agreed at this meeting that TNTP would play a more significant role providing technical assistance during the planting activities, mentoring nursery groups, and assisting in the monitoring of the growth of seedlings after planting.

The 33,000 seedlings were planted in the nursery by the group over 3 days- 31 October to 02 November.

From the 1-11 December planting took place at the planting area where a total of 25,350 seedlings were planted. The remaining seedlings in the nursery are kept to replace those that don't thrive.

This was a community effort and approximately 60 people participated.

In January 2021, an additional 30,000 mangrove seedlings were planted in the designated area- bringing the total planted in the last few months, to 55,350. If they grow successfully, their impact on the environment in our region of Borneo will be substantial.

We have established a strong working relationship with the planting group with whom we have been working since August 2019.

The initiative provides an income to the planting group that supplies the seedlings and who plant and monitor them.

"This initiative is a real example, it's a people centered approach of what mangrove restoration should be. Since the inception to the execution, a team bringing together private sector, government institutions, natural protected areas, local villages- including youth people. This is a real example of how we should replicate this model across the landscape.

when we're doing this activity, we're not just restoring the mangrove ecosystem but we're also restoring the relationship between mangroves and the local villages- the relationship between humans and nature "- Marco Bustamante- InfiniteEARTH Asia Managing Director

"Rimba Raya Mangrove Project is delivering 3 benefits to the local people

- Short term economic benefits through jobs in growing, planting and raising the trees

- Education to better understand their environment with their environment

- Long term environmental benefits through the protection of their coastline and restoration of fish breeding grounds

Ultimately preserving the mangrove ecosystem means preserving the source of community life"- Sylvianna Andhella -Executive Director Rimba Raya Conservation

The planting process is an arduous one, in order for the delicate seedlings to be better protected, use is made of baskets-"Bronjong" is made of split bamboo, these are hand woven by 8 women in Sungai Undang Village.

The size of the bamboo basket is 30 cm in diameter, the height of the bamboo is 60 -75 cm, biodegrable rope is used to bind the baskets.

Brojong baskets provide a safe environment helping young trees to withstand the crashing of the waves. The seedlings become firmly bound in the basket and are therefore not easily uprooted.

This program helps us to generate income, especially for people of Sungai Bakau who mainly work as fisherman and farmers." Hidayatullah, Head of Youth Community, Sungai Bakau village
Mangroves have tremendous benefits for the sustainability of marine life, and can withstand the rate of coastal abrasion," Head of Sungai Bakau Village-Yuyun Erawati, Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

The mangrove planting program was initiated by Rimba Raya Conservation in collaboration with InfiniteEARTH, TNTP Region II, and the Sungai Bakau Village Government.

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