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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

InfiniteEARTH and Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve work with all community members. Women make a valuable contribution to our initiatives and are able to generate additional income which clearly has a positive impact on their financial stability.

The role of women in REDD+

Women are critical to the success of REDD+ and empowering them helps us build a stronger community with continuing economic growth.

The devastating loss of viable forests in developing countries has highlighted the need for communities to take action to protect their forests in return for compensation from

industrialized nations. Decisions made in forestry management will affect men and women in varying ways.

In studies conducted by the UN and other organizations, it has become apparent that because men usually control the forestry institutions and resources, there is asymmetry

between men and women when it comes to forestry decision making.

However, it’s usually women who gather the resources from forests, such as wood, food, medicine, and animal fodder which is used for the benefit of the family and community

as a whole.

Women's COOP

Women’s groups can be effective structures for community-based forest management

which is why we at InfiniteEARTH, thought it prudent to start the women’s COOP where

women would be empowered to develop initiatives that would be overseen by women

while working in partnership with the men in the community.

It’s not enough to just keep the carbon locked in forests, trying to stop deforestation is certainly a major goal but for REDD+ to be a success, we need to ensure that we provide financing mechanisms that will have an impact on the community as a whole, while

simultaneously empowering women, helping them develop economic independence while improving access to education, health and basic necessities.

The goal of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity is vital to the survival of

stakeholders and the growth of communities. To succeed in the sustainable development of our project area, we need to ensure that the community are given the tools, financing, education and training that will help ensure longevity in their economic growth which must stable enough to be continued beyond the lifespan of the project.

Small businesses contribute to local economies by stimulating economic growth and providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations, of which there are very few the region where our project in located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

Chicken Farm Micro-enterprise

Women in Borneo have a particularly hard time earning an income and we make every effort to support these women.

There are two chicken coops in Baung village and Jahitan village - approx 100

chicks are purchased every 35-40 days and sold to village neighbours. The profit for

each cycle ranges between 50- 150 USD. A fairly substantial amount considering the

average income per household in our area of Indonesia is about USD 100-150

Women who participate in the micro-enterprise have an opportunity to contribute to and

improve their family's economic well-being. They may also be able to make a contribution to

finance their children's education and health needs.

Zuper Shrimp Paste

Every spring, each family in the Sungai Perlu village, harvest 200-500kg’s of good quality shrimp. A traditional shrimp paste is made, packaged with food grade materials and

sold to neighboring villages.

This initiative continues to bring consistent income to the village. Improved health and

hygiene in the production process has been an important factor in expanding the market to

the neighboring big towns.

The women’s COOP in charge of this initiative would like to expand production while maintaining a high quality product and the focus is now on a strategic marketing plan.

This initiative has been particularly empowering for the women who now run a

retail shop in Kuala Pembuang, selling ZUPER and other homemade food products

#MicroEnterprise #GenderEquality #REDDPlusProject #CarbonCreditFinancing

This initiative meets the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


More information is available here

Or you can download our brochure below

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